Vendetta (A Marona Novel) Now Available!

Vendetta A Marona Novel by Elizabeth Tybush COVER
Vendetta (A Marona Novel) by Elzabeth Tybush

Criminals flock to Dunelden’s humid docks, eager to conduct business away from the prying eyes of the land’s royal families. It’s the perfect place for master thief Tasana to sell her latest take.

But when Tasana witnesses a murder, she finds herself out of her element, caught up in an ancient blood feud that leaves an orphaned boy in her care. With nowhere to hide, Tasana turns to the underbelly for help, but their protection comes with a price. If she can steal a precious heirloom from the palace, then she and the boy will be safe. She agrees to their terms, but her trust is paper-thin. Betrayal lurks in every shadow, and the assassin on her tail is getting closer…

Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Heist

Now available at Smashwords!  (Click link to purchase.)

For $2.99 USD, you can download nearly any file format you want: .epub (Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, and more), .mobi (Kindle), .pdf (personal computers, laptops, and some tablets)*, .rtf (word processors)*, .lrf (older Sony e-readers), and .pdb (Palm readers).

You don’t need PayPal to purchase.

Up to 20% of the novel is available to sample for FREE before purchase. Please note that HTML (the format the sample is presented in) does not recognize pages as we understand them with books, so each section, from the dedications to the maps, will flow continuously and appear to be on the same “page.” In your ebook (with exception to the .rtf format), these sections are separated by breaks as they normally would be.

Please feel free to send me your feedback and reviews of the novel!  And if you have any issues with Smashwords’ conversion of the formats, let me know that too, and I’ll take a look at it immediately.  You won’t have to pay again for any updated formats–that’s just policy.  You can contact me here (below), on Twitter, or on Facebook.


* Per Smashwords, their converter will not keep the cover image with these formats. The .rtf version comes stripped of all images, which includes an e-ink-friendly version of the cover, and the maps. Don’t worry. High-quality versions of these images will be uploaded for anyone to view on the site soon!