Update: Availability of Vendetta

Vendetta has made it into the Smashwords Premium Catalog! This means that the next time Smashwords ships to other retailers (like Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc.), it should be available to purchase through those retailers. (Note to librarians: Vendetta is available to libraries already through Smashwords’ Library Direct, and will soon be available with Baker and Taylor.)

I am also working on a second edition of Vendetta that will be exclusive to Amazon. Why a second edition? Because technically, I need to use a second ISBN. (Bowker is apparently getting uppity about people using the same ISBNs for digital editions. Smashwords can do it because they put out reflowable text, but despite the fact that I will be uploading HTML (reflowable text) to Amazon, I have to use a second ISBN. It really is ridiculous, considering the cost of a single ISBN, and Bowker clearly knows this, hence their insistence.) The content will be the same (you’ll get the same sections, but they might look slightly different because I am in charge of the HTML now, not a converter). You can still buy a .mobi version for your Kindle device/app through Smashwords, but it is the original Smashwords edition. No matter where you purchase your copy, the price will be the same. If it isn’t, it’s simply because one outlet didn’t process the price change message from either myself or the other outlet yet.

Vendetta is also part of Smashwords’ Summer/Winter annual sale. If you enter the coupon code right on Vendetta’s Purchase Page (code SSW50), you can purchase the novel for only $1.50.

I will keep everyone updated on this! If you like Vendetta, please review it. You can be as in depth or as brief as you’d like. You can also add Vendetta to your Goodreads shelves.