I have a few projects on the horizon.

Obviously, there’s the world of Marona, which has so many books attached to it that it might fill up a lifetime.  Currently, I have two books in the upcoming story arc written (though they are not final drafts).  There needs to be at least one more book to top off that series.  I want to call it a trilogy, but there’s a lot to cover in that last book, so it’ll either be really thick or split into two.  I have a collection of short stories following one specific character that I’d like to put out for free.  A series of short stories or perhaps just a full novel that follows Tas and Tal pre-Vendetta.  Jani has always had his own book, but I knew I couldn’t release it right away because it would spoil his story in the other novels.  There’s also historical accounts I’d like to write.  Stuff that goes way back into Marona’s history, like perhaps during the Bruvan-Xoti war, or something during the reign of the Golden King.

But then there are the other projects.  I have lots of manuscripts that I started, but couldn’t work on for some reason.  I have two YA novels that need to get out of my brain…yesterday.  A novel I’ve always wanted to publish, but a laptop-death stole virtually all the notes (and it was one of those twisty manuscripts that needed notes).  A novel that I thought would work better as a graphic novel, but I can’t draw, so it stayed as a novel.

But right now?  I’m working on one, maybe two things at a time.  I have a schedule.  I have deadlines.

And then there’s the non-writing projects.  Music.  Films.  The web-series.

The last half of this year is going to be busy.