August 30th, 2013

I recently went back to school.

The first week of classes has been interesting. I met a character from the Marona world, Doctor Mixa, whom you haven’t met yet, but has existed for quite some time. She’s from The Shadow’s Edge, book I, has been around for over six years. One of my professors has had some similar experiences as Doctor Mixa, and I’ve been considering picking her brain just to add even more to Mixa’s character.

But what I find myself most excited about isn’t even the idea of the degree (which I am excited about), but the library. Why? Because research has been hellish at times. There’s only so much I was able to find at the local library here, which has materials mostly for children (and that is EXCELLENT! but not quite what I need for my novels). Buying materials can be expensive. Verifying information on the internet isn’t always easy. And when researching certain elements of the fantasy world, I continually came up with search results more relevant to fantasy games than to actual history. So I’m really looking forward to having access to all of their academic archives.

I will keep everyone updated on the process of my degree.