5 Cool Post-Hiatus Book Thingies

That school thing I talked about a while back?

I graduated!  That means I have a lot more knowledge to bring to my work, and also more time to devote to my work.

Hey, a hiatus to go out and graduate Summa Cum Laude (yes, I am telling everyone) is a GOOD hiatus.

Some cool book things:

The next Marona novel is HERE!  This is the start of that big epic trilogy The Shadow’s Edge!  Book I is The World Walker, and it opens up the world of Marona like you haven’t seen it before.  And there just might be a chance that a certain thief shows up… Check out the Shop page for links to retailers!

Both Vendetta and The World Walker are on sale at SMASHWORDS for their annual Summer/Winter sale!  You can literally pick up both books for a whopping $3 total (that’s $1.50 each).  Just be sure to use the coupon code on each product page, located right below the “BUY” button.

I am working on another Tasana novel AND Book II of The Shadow’s Edge.  What can I say?  I can’t help myself.

I am also working on a sci-fi/magic realism/LGBTQIA+ romance series.

I may have some short stories for somewhere like Wattpad or even Booksie soon-ish.

That’s all for now.  I have a date with a glass of cabernet and a slice of chocolate cake.