Why So Silent?

I moved.  Several hundred miles.

Now, as we are finally settling in (with perhaps 10% of our boxes still packed), I have a moment to talk to you about an upcoming project.

It’s still very early in the creative process, but working on it has taken up most of my free time.  It’s a big one.  I recently took the various pieces of it—some stored on my desktop, some on my tablet, some in my notebook—and stitched them together.  The manuscript is currently 500 pages long and still undergoing narrative edits (mostly to make those stitches less noticeable and the whole thing more cohesive).  Aside from the size, here’s what I can tell you:

* it’s a fusion of sci-fi and fantasy sub-genres,

* it’s kind of a romance (but not quite),

* the main character is bi/pan.

The project has consumed me, and I love it.  I’ve surpassed the stage where I’m afraid to skewer useless scenes and ditch the lines that I love but can’t find a narrative purpose for anymore.  It’s wonderful.  I’m hoping to have this next phase complete by the New Year, and then go into the scary beta reading phase.

With that all said, I’ll take my leave and get back to the real reason I logged onto my desktop: writing!