Spark: The Fire of Felwing, Book Two by Elizabeth TybushThe Fire of Felwing, Book Two

Prince Solin Felwing’s exile on Earth went from tranquil to dangerous with a spark of magick. Now, severed from his redemption and his friends at the soup kitchen, Solin is left to sort out his unstable powers, his guilty conscience, and the realities of pursuing a relationship with a certain charming barista. At least his human friend Sam stuck around, although he’s getting tailed by his ex and his tech is going haywire, so things aren’t going great for him either.

As the holidays draw near, Solin discovers his name on someone’s Naughty List. With a protection detail of ghosts from his past, and a growing threat from the rogue humans of the Shadowfall Alliance, Solin must keep his worlds from colliding without losing what few friends he has left. Because those hunting him no longer care about collateral damage; they’ll torch everything he’s built, and anyone who gets in the their way will be consumed by the flames.

Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance

Published May 17, 2022 by NineStar Press.  Part of the The Fire of Felwing series. Cover credits: Natasha Snow/NineStar Press.

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-64890-480-6
ISBN (e-book:) 978-1-64890-479-0
ASIN (Kindle): TBA
Language: English (American)

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