The World Walker

A blue silhouetted hand holds up a blue silhouetted globe. The Title: "The Shadow's Edge, Book I: The World Walker" - and author name "Elizabeth Tybush" Appear on the globe. The background is a floral pattern.With Bruva’s knights becoming more vicious by the day, a faceless terror haunting the seas, and minds falling prey to superstition, Marona’s long-lasting era of peace may soon be at an end. The shadow of a darker age looms over the land.

Hope lies in Ryel, a young exile from the frigid north. If she can calm her demons and dodge those on her tail, she could be the light the casts away the shadow.

Teen/New Adult/Adult Fiction, Epic/High Fantasy.

Released March 2016.  Part of the Marona universe.  Cover credits: Frank Tybush.

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