Vendetta (A Marona Novel) © 2013 Elizabeth Tybush [white/red cover, thumbnail]Criminals flock to Dunelden’s humid docks, eager to conduct business away from the prying eyes of the land’s royal families. It’s the perfect place for master thief Tasana to sell her latest take.

But when Tasana witnesses a murder, she finds herself out of her element, caught up in an ancient blood feud that leaves an orphaned boy in her care. With nowhere to hide, Tasana turns to the underbelly for help, but their protection comes with a price. If she can steal a precious heirloom from the palace, then she and the boy will be safe. She agrees to their terms, but her trust is paper-thin. Betrayal lurks in every shadow, and the assassin on her tail is getting closer…

New Adult/Adult Fiction, High Fantasy with Crime Elements.

Released July 2013.  Part of the Marona universe.  Cover credits: Elizabeth Tybush and Frank Tybush.

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