Who I Am

Photo of Elizabeth Tybush.
Elizabeth Tybush | Photo Credit: Frank Tybush (2016)

I’m a wanna-be artistic polymath who loves the art of storytelling across various mediums, but also occasionally flirts with the idea of jumping headfirst into hardcore science or law. I live in Maryland with my husband, Frank, who’s also into making art and telling stories with various mediums.

I recently went back to school, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with my A.F.A. in Theatre. My academic career is far from over, unless tuition costs say otherwise.

I believe in Intersectional Feminism and its continuing evolution.  No matter what story I am telling, it’s important to me that it is told through that lens.  I want to evolve with the movement, and continuously challenge myself to stay true to these ideals by incorporating new knowledge into my works.  I also believe in challenging myself to be the best ally I can be.  I hope that as my worldview grows, so do my works.


December 2013: The Interrogation Room with Thomas Bradley