The Fire of Felwing, Book One

Available in fall/winter 2020 from NineStar Press.


Flicker – Coming Soon

Criminal mage seeks redemption in soup kitchen after his exile to Earth. Loves: lattes, magic, books. Hates: white bread, being accused of murdering his bro, the way rain curls his hair. Kinda falling for his best friend/the guy who took his throne.

Coming soon from NineStar Press.


[…] Vendetta is great. It’s all about a master thief named Tasana. I always play a thief in RPGs and D&D so this was just my sort of book.

Scarlett Jasper on VENDETTA (via Goodreads)

The book starts out strong and doesn’t lose strength. The story is both humorous and adventurous. Tasana, the master thief of this story, is a great female lead in a world of deceit. I enjoyed this book immensely. I think any fan of fantasy or adventure would love it.

Jule Mcalpin on VENDETTA (via Goodreads)


Writing things I’d read or watch because I can’t seem to find a ship that won’t sink.