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Your support of my work is appreciated!

Your support of my work is appreciated!

Your support of my work is appreciated!

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Creating More Accessibility

By subverting the payment structures of traditional and indie publishing, I’m also able to generate more income per “sale” instead of just a small percentage, meaning more income available to do things that we all have to do: pay utilities, buy groceries, maybe treat ourselves to a latte. It also allows me to keep this website hosted and maintained. How does this impact accessibility?

I have more control over payment structures and can keep my work affordable to those who may not have library access or steady income.

By hosting my work digitally, it also becomes more accessible to individuals using assistive technology.

Also, let’s be direct here: in my home country, for whatever asinine reason, people are trying to undo a lot of the progress the rainbow community has made politically, and that includes prohibiting stories with any whiff of LGBTQIA2S+ themes or characters from being taught in classrooms, loaned at libraries, or sold at stores. By hosting this content online, I am subverting these fascist attempts to erase the rainbow community and its creations.

Ways to Support

Share and review my work!

Sharing our love of something is the best way to help me grow my readership. Reviews, comments, shares, and talking about it with your social circles help me grow my audience, which in turn will increase visibility and potentially help me make this my 9-to-5. (Bonus: And maybe an executive producer for TV, film, or video games will see it too?)

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Tip me when you read a chapter

Each chapter will have a link to support me for the time and labor put into writing, editing, publishing, and posting the text. You can choose which increments you’d like to tip, and it’s totally optional.

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You can also opt to support me monthly or even yearly! As my audience grows, recurring subscribers may get additional perks for their support.

Buy the Extras!

As each book wraps, I plan on releasing them in traditional print and e-book formats for you to enjoy as keepsakes or share as gifts. And because I probably won’t be able to help myself, merch and other fun things may eventually be made available to you.

How Your Gift Is Calculated

As of January 2023, WordPress takes a 4% fee, and my payment processor takes a 2.9% fee with an additional $0.30 USD (U.S. dollars). Ko-Fi does not take fees, although I can upgrade some features in the future, which will change that amount. These fees are upfront fees. My understanding is that each fee is based on the original amount, not the “leftover” amount after the first party in the queue takes their fee.

Below is a table showing some common gift amounts and what I would receive from each gift. These amounts are in USD, so if you are a supporter outside of the United States, these calculations will be different.

You Give…I Receive (WordPress)…I Receive (Ko-Fi)…
$ 1.00$ 0.63$ 0.67
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$ 10.00$ 9.01$ 9.41
$ 20.00$ 18.32$ 19.12
$ 50.00$ 46.25$ 48.25
$ 100.00$ 92.80$ 96.80
Earnings per gift, depending on support platform.

Furthermore, I am operating as an individual, and so income generated from your support is taxed once per year in the United States. For your tax purposes, please note that I am not a non-profit organization; I mention this because the structure of the WordPress uses what is called a “Donation” block to facilitate the Support entry form, but it is not a “donation” in the non-profit sense of the word.