Fire of Felwing Updates

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of Flicker are now available!

[Update: These chapters are now available on Royal Road too!]

You’ll also notice that all chapters now have “vibes” images included. Because why not? I’ll be posting some collections of these vibes images in the future, especially if they are drafts or terrible AI generations. I know AI generations are controversial, but I also recognize that many of the nuances in the current discussion of AI have been flattened for quick social-media engagement, and several AIs are being conflated with each other. Regardless, my perspective includes the following: it is a tool for artists to use, and there is no way in hell it’s replacing artists any time soon. It can’t replicate characters, for example. So that image of Solin? Lucky strike of a well-worded prompt. I will never be able to put him as he appears into another scene again without a human artist. The great thing is that now any artist I might hire to re-create him will have a visual prompt to use.

A quick-ish thing on AI: in using AI, I’ve started to learn more about how to use it as a tool to generate something close to what I am looking for. In this way, I’m learning about the AI’s language and training materials just by noticing patterns in its productions, which do include biases that exist in the training materials. For instance, if I had zero art theory or art history training, I probably wouldn’t be able to adapt to the flaws and biases, or the gaps in the AI’s knowledge and ability. More on this another time. The long-story-short: some people get lucky with productions immediately, but it can’t be replicated again, and artists have the know-how required to use and help fine-tune the tool. The conversation on ethics needs to continue, and I encourage artists to make use of feedback tools in AIs to make sure they are part of the conversation.

Okay, that turned into a longer update than expected. Enjoy the latest chapters!

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