Flicker Concludes! Chapters 19-24 Now Available

Yep! That’s correct. I just dropped the final chapters of Flicker all at once. In many ways, this is because I had an internal schedule of wrapping this book in June so that I could work on formatting the next book for internet publication. But it’s also a gesture of thanks for your patience when my update schedule got wonky.

During this update, I once again tried to find another way to automatically update navigation when a chapter is posted (an issue I mentioned in a previous blog), but there is no resolution, it seems. I may have to simply create a navigation section that updates itself from scratch, but my concern is that visual accessibility might be lost.

For the next month, I will be getting Season Two ready for publication. Entitled Spark, this season was the last one that was published with my previous publisher, and barely saw digital and physical shelf space due before I ended my contract. So very few of you have read this book.

I’m excited to tell you that Chapter 24 of Flicker was actually Chapter 1 of Spark. Well. Sort of. See, it wasn’t supposed to be that way originally, but the choice was not mine in the end. So now it’s back. I admittedly cackled to myself when I realized I could do that again now that I was in control of publication. That’s not to say that I did not value the feedback I received from my previous publisher, but this was one thing we did not agree on, and now I am presenting the ending of the Flicker story as I originally intended.

I will also continue to get Wattpad and Royal Road up to date as well. Gosh, cross-posting is tricky! But so worth it in the end.

But hey, you’re here now and so you get earlier access to those chapters. Hurray! So head on over to the first of the final chapters, Chapter 19, or use the below navigation menu to pick up where you left off.

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Until next time!


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