Wattpad and Season Two Updates

I am delighted to announce that the issues regarding posting at Wattpad have been resolved. Additional bonus: Wattpad also recently added the ability to schedule chapters! This will make updating much, much easier on my side of things, and allow me to provide more consistent updates to Wattpad readers.

Alas, while I did receive a notification that Flicker was eligible for the upcoming Wattys (woot!), submitting it for an award requires agreeing to an exclusivity clause, meaning I would have to remove the story from this site and Royal Road. Not happening.

Onto writing updates: I took a trip recently, and a huge chunk of it involved sitting in a hotel room with nothing but a laptop and a manuscript for The Fire of Felwing, Season Two. I was able to re-edit the entire book and get it ready for publication here on this site. I am not sure when I will start posting that, as I’d like to get Royal Road and Wattpad up to date. But that should be coming soon!

Until next time.


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