Flicker Chapters 5 and 6 Published

Chapter 5 and chapter 6 of Flicker are now available, along with new “vibes” images. [Update: These chapters are also on Royal Road too!]

Of the vibes images, I’m slightly amused by the one that was generated for Chapter 5. I have no idea where the flower came from, but it looks like a Drakon is trying to flirt with an Elf. So I kept it. It was the best of the bunch. (As noted in my credits section, graphics on this site are a mix of DALL-E 2 generations, Canva creations, commissioned art, and my own work. These chapters’ images are pure DALL-E, although I see potential for further editing on the vibes for chapter 6.) Once I have enough “well, that’s not what I expected or asked for at all” images, my plan is to show them off to all of you. Chapter 5 has quite a few of those. Chapter 6 was far easier, but there were a few, er, mistakes there too.

Anway, chapters 5 and 6 jump back into Solin’s past. Way, way back. So head on over to chapter 5, or use to dropdown menu below to pick up where you left off.

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