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  • Issues at Wattpad

    Issues at Wattpad

    A quick update. I’ve been unable to get into Wattpad, meaning I can’t cross-publish the updates to Flicker that are sitting in my drafts, nor can I update my feed on the site to let people know I can’t publish the drafts. I’m awaiting an email from them now. For the time being, you can…

  • Flicker Concludes! Chapters 19-24 Now Available

    Flicker Concludes! Chapters 19-24 Now Available

    Yep! That’s correct. I just dropped the final chapters of Flicker all at once. In many ways, this is because I had an internal schedule of wrapping this book in June so that I could work on formatting the next book for internet publication. But it’s also a gesture of thanks for your patience when…

  • Flicker, Chapter 18 Available!

    Flicker, Chapter 18 Available!

    Chapter 18 of Flicker is now available to read! In a recent post, I mentioned the difficulties of scheduling updates that would also automatically ensure navigation was preserved and wouldn’t ultimately create a 404 Error for anyone trying to access a chapter that wasn’t available yet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s a solid solution…

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