Flicker, Chapter 15 Available

Hi everyone,

Chapter 15 of Flicker is now available to read! I hope you enjoy it and that it keeps you wanting more.

In other news, I recently had a conversation with ChatGPT and asked it to replicate Chapter 1 of Flicker based on brief character descriptions and a bulleted list of events. I gave ChatGPT the same prompts twice in separate sessions, simply to see if anything would be reproduced between the two sessions, and the results were interesting. I’ll share more details about this AI experiment in a future post.

And as indicated in my previous post, I wanted to move toward using ChatGPT’s assistance in creating these “push” notification administrative posts. I did so here, but I ended up editing or deleting most of it in the end—only the second paragraph of this post really contains anything the AI drafted. I am still learning how to best use AI in assisting with administrative tasks like this so that I can focus more on timely updates and less on all the tech stuff that needs to happen to push those updates out.

As always, thank you for your continued support! Use the navigation menu below if you’re new here or if you just want to catch up on Season One.


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