AI Masterpieces and Mishaps: “make it so”

Happy Pride!

Today’s blog is a little treat, brought to you by a chaos flare-up I had last night. I wanted to see if AI would produce any Star Trek: The Next Generation content if I simply used the prompt “make it so” with no other text (no genre, no colors, nothing!). DALL-E 2 produced four separate sample images, while Midjourney produced a single image with four options collapsed into a single file.

I have no idea where any of this came from. I tried to do an image search (using Bing) with the same parameters, and it was everything I expected: Captain Picard. Captain Picard everywhere. Mostly things like…

The thing that bugs me is that each AI seemed to generate images that were related to each other in their own way. DALL-E created what I’m choosing to call (and maybe others have or this is something already, whatever) abstract photorealism, and 3 of 4 images have some relationship to music. While Midjourney seems to pull almost exclusively from digital art that lives in the uncanny valley, and weirdly chose from similar color palettes, focused on centralized subjects (with 3 of 4 being fantastical buildings), and contained clouds or cloud-forms.

(Writing the alt-text for all of these images was wild…I have no idea if I did any of them justice because the purpose of sharing these is not just for the basic descriptions, but to capture the chaos and the relationships between the images! Please get in touch if the gallery carousel is overriding that alt-text, and I will try to find a fix.)

I do often wonder if Midjourney, for as lovely as its generations can be, has either limited training materials, or if the community (which is in a Discord bubble) is sort of collectively copying each other’s prompts, giving Midjourney its own “personality,” so to speak, because the community also can rate and report and offer feedback and such. I do not know enough about how it learns from user input to say if that speculation has any merit, but it’s interesting to think about. At some point, I will attempt to share the collection of Midjourney generations that all seemed to have the same signature looks, no matter how the prompts were engineered, to avoid certain productions that continued to pop up. A massive undertaking, but one I hope I can find the time to put together!

Either way, I was amused and decided to share the chaos with all of you. Until next time!


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