Flicker Updated – Chapter 7 Available

Chapter 7 is now available to read! We’re back in the present with Solin’s first days on the job at the kitchen.

I’m also looking into a delayed cross-posting of the Felwing novels to other free-to-read platforms. So far, Royal Road looks like the best bet, but me being me, I want to make sure it’s okay that I have a link to this story on my profile, which will always be several chapters ahead. Mostly, it’s because I know that many platforms get real mad if you have the audacity to exist elsewhere and users find you and pay you in that elsewhere. Wattpad had something like that, but I’m not sure that audience will work for this piece anyway. Royal Road might be the way to go.

In other updates, I realized I had never included a content rating specifically for drug or substance use. As readers who already read the book (when it was published through an indie press) know, there are scenes where the main character heads to bars, or drinks at home (although for those who want to know: alcohol addiction is not a subject of this story). So I wanted to account for that, as well as some future instances in Spark and Blaze.

For now, head on over to Chapter 7 and take a gander!


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