Flicker: Chapter 8 now available

Chapter 8 of Flicker in The Fire of Felwing series has been published! I had a lot of fun generating the vibes images for this one, and there were truly some mishaps and masterpieces that popped up in the process. As usual, all were filed away for a future curated showcase of images.

I really fell in love with the first image that was generated by DALL-E 2 when I asked it for magical, dragon coffee foam art. It’s the lead image for Chapter 8, but here it is again in all of its glory:

Top view of coffee foam art in the style of a dragon head. The dragon appears to be mix of European and East Asian interpretations of this mythical creature. Image generated by DALL-E 2.

What I find fascinating about this image is that it appears to meld the traditional depictions of Western European dragons with East Asian dragons, and also calls to mind the iconography of Capcom’s Mortal Kombat series. I wonder if the image was generated so easily and accurately because of the trend of posting beautiful food to social media? No doubt this is Pinterest or Instagram worthy.

Alas, no such art appears in Chapter 8, although an important new character makes an appearance in this update, and they may be involved with some coffee art later in the series…

(Gosh, I wish I could replicate this! If you’re adept with lattes and foamy coffee art, I’d love to see your take on it.)

Enough from me—grab a latte and enjoy Chapter 8! Or catch up on the series by using the navigation below:


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