The Fire of Felwing: Another Way to Read

The Fire of Felwing is now being cross-posted to Royal Road, a free archive of curated fiction with enhanced ways to browse. I’m excited about this new avenue for reaching audiences, as Royal Road works perfectly with the release schedule for this series and the way I’d like to interact with readers.

You can find the LGBTQIA+ series on Royal Road under these categories: Original, Ongoing, Contemporary, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Low Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Mythos, Non-Human Lead, Portal Fantasy/Isekai, Progression, Soft Sci-fi, Supernatural, and Urban Fantasy.

One change you’ll notice on Royal Road is that I am now referring to the individual books in the series as “seasons.” This change will be implemented over the next week or so here on the site. This change was a brilliant suggestion by my spouse and feels more on-brand for what I’m trying to achieve with the scheduled updates, which are very episodic like old-school television. And as those of you who have followed me for some time know, my dream is to get The Fire of Felwing produced as a television or streaming series. What better way to put that out into the world than by simply making it so here?

Updates will continue to be posted to this website first, and updates here will continue to include vibes images and enhanced visuals. However, I may include some of the visuals on Royal Road as well once I get more familiar with the platform. So if you are there, drop by and leave a comment on my story, and maybe we will cross paths on the forums!


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