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  • AI Masterpieces and Mishaps: Portrait of Varin Felwing

    AI Masterpieces and Mishaps: Portrait of Varin Felwing

    In preparation for the release of Flicker, Chapter 10, I asked OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to help me generate images that reflected the chapter’s narrative, vibes, and characters. Chapter 10 takes place in Solin Felwing’s past, and includes yet another conflict with his older brother, Varin. A villain in Solin’s early life, Varin made his on-page…

  • Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Chapter 10 of Flicker (Season One of The Fire of Felwing series) is now available! Lots of trial and error with the vibes images for this one. First, I tried to see if I could re-create the opening scene, and that flopped. Next, I figured I could generate one of the key items that appears…

  • “One-Sentence Story Game” (An AI Conversation)

    “One-Sentence Story Game” (An AI Conversation)

    On February 7, 2023, I played a storytelling game with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Here are the results; I’ve added some additional notes into the transcript, which will be clearly marked and within square brackets. Liz: howdy! do you know about the one-sentence story game? AI: Yes, the “One-Sentence Story” game is a writing game where participants…

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