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  • Wattpad and Season Two Updates

    Wattpad and Season Two Updates

    I am delighted to announce that the issues regarding posting at Wattpad have been resolved. Additional bonus: Wattpad also recently added the ability to schedule chapters! This will make updating much, much easier on my side of things, and allow me to provide more consistent updates to Wattpad readers. Alas, while I did receive a…

  • Issues at Wattpad

    Issues at Wattpad

    A quick update. I’ve been unable to get into Wattpad, meaning I can’t cross-publish the updates to Flicker that are sitting in my drafts, nor can I update my feed on the site to let people know I can’t publish the drafts. I’m awaiting an email from them now. For the time being, you can…

  • Flicker Concludes! Chapters 19-24 Now Available

    Flicker Concludes! Chapters 19-24 Now Available

    Yep! That’s correct. I just dropped the final chapters of Flicker all at once. In many ways, this is because I had an internal schedule of wrapping this book in June so that I could work on formatting the next book for internet publication. But it’s also a gesture of thanks for your patience when…

  • Flicker, Chapter 18 Available!

    Flicker, Chapter 18 Available!

    Chapter 18 of Flicker is now available to read! In a recent post, I mentioned the difficulties of scheduling updates that would also automatically ensure navigation was preserved and wouldn’t ultimately create a 404 Error for anyone trying to access a chapter that wasn’t available yet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like there’s a solid solution…

  • Flicker, Chapters 16 and 17 Available

    Flicker, Chapters 16 and 17 Available

    Howdy! A short and sweet update: chapter 16 and chapter 17 of Flicker are now available to read! You may have noticed my update schedule has gotten a little wonky. I’m working to correct that, but some of the things I need to stay on task simply don’t exist, and so I’ve been spending some…

  • Flicker, Chapter 15 Available

    Flicker, Chapter 15 Available

    Hi everyone, Chapter 15 of Flicker is now available to read! I hope you enjoy it and that it keeps you wanting more. In other news, I recently had a conversation with ChatGPT and asked it to replicate Chapter 1 of Flicker based on brief character descriptions and a bulleted list of events. I gave…

  • Flicker, Chapter 14 Available

    Flicker, Chapter 14 Available

    Hello, readers! Chapter 14 of Flicker (The Fire of Felwing, Season One) is now available to read! I hope you enjoy this latest installment of this contemporary sci-fi/fantasy LGBTQIA+ romance series. This update also marks the beginning of Part Two. Additionally, I’m working on a new project that I can’t wait to share with you.…

  • Flicker, Chapters 12 and 13 Available

    Flicker, Chapters 12 and 13 Available

    With the posting of Chapter 12 and Chapter 13, we’ve reached the conclusion of Part One! Chapter 14 (next week) begins Part Two. For this chapter, you’ll notice something different about the vibes image. Stylistically, it’s less impressionist and more realistic without being photographic. Over the past few days, I’ve been testing out different AI…

  • Flicker, Chapter 11 Available

    Flicker, Chapter 11 Available

    Chapter 11 is now available! In this update, a person from Solin’s past arrives in Polaris. Only two more chapters to go until the conclusion of Part 1. Need to catch up on Season One? Use the navigation menu below to pick up where you left off. Enjoy!

  • Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Chapter 10 of Flicker (Season One of The Fire of Felwing series) is now available! Lots of trial and error with the vibes images for this one. First, I tried to see if I could re-create the opening scene, and that flopped. Next, I figured I could generate one of the key items that appears…

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