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  • Flicker, Chapter 11 Available

    Flicker, Chapter 11 Available

    Chapter 11 is now available! In this update, a person from Solin’s past arrives in Polaris. Only two more chapters to go until the conclusion of Part 1. Need to catch up on Season One? Use the navigation menu below to pick up where you left off. Enjoy!

  • Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Flicker, Chapter 10 Available!

    Chapter 10 of Flicker (Season One of The Fire of Felwing series) is now available! Lots of trial and error with the vibes images for this one. First, I tried to see if I could re-create the opening scene, and that flopped. Next, I figured I could generate one of the key items that appears…

  • Flicker Updated – Chapter 7 Available

    Flicker Updated – Chapter 7 Available

    Chapter 7 is now available to read! We’re back in the present with Solin’s first days on the job at the kitchen. I’m also looking into a delayed cross-posting of the Felwing novels to other free-to-read platforms. So far, Royal Road looks like the best bet, but me being me, I want to make sure…

  • Flicker Chapters 5 and 6 Published

    Flicker Chapters 5 and 6 Published

    Chapter 5 and chapter 6 of Flicker are now available, along with new “vibes” images. [Update: These chapters are also on Royal Road too!] Of the vibes images, I’m slightly amused by the one that was generated for Chapter 5. I have no idea where the flower came from, but it looks like a Drakon…

  • Flicker, Chapter 4 Available

    Flicker, Chapter 4 Available

    Chapter 4 is available! Solin heads to an interview at Our Lady of Sorrows, site of the local food kitchen. [Update: Chapter 4 is also now available on Royal Road!] Read Chapter 4 here or catch up on previous chapters using the navigation menu below.

  • Fire of Felwing Updates

    Fire of Felwing Updates

    Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of Flicker are now available! [Update: These chapters are now available on Royal Road too!] You’ll also notice that all chapters now have “vibes” images included. Because why not? I’ll be posting some collections of these vibes images in the future, especially if they are drafts or terrible AI generations.…

  • Website Updates

    Website Updates

    The Fire of Felwing is now available to read. Chapter 1 of Book One, Flicker, has been posted and new chapters are uploaded weekly.

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